Why I Quit Graduate School

This is my post, but I’m posting it because Mark was there for the actual decision to leave the University of Miami.

1) I felt like the odd one out that had a job and familial obligations. I don’t have children and I’m not married, but I was living with someone and I was expected to keep a house.

2) I no longer wanted to pursue that career; I just wanted to complete a degree.

This may have been the hardest part: buyers’ remorse. I committed myself to a program costing $50,000 and I thought the UM name would carry me. It didn’t and I discovered it never really would. It was my task to do that.

3) I picked UM because of the relationship I was in at the time. When I had my eyes set on graduate school, I had my heart set on leaving the state. I wanted to leave and see a new scenery and new people, but I didn’t. I was scared. I kept banking on forever and I just didn’t get it.

4) The caliber of people were just as dedicated to texting in class than they were to their work. It wasn’t a research hardcore academic program. We could still text and get As. I don’t want that shit. I want something so demanding that I can’t even blink lest I miss one hand gesture of the professor.

5) most of the students were fresh out of undergraduate school with no work or life experience. True that this is through no fault of the university, but if I’m paying $5k a class I want to be learning for every person in there and the professor, not just the professor.

So I left.


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