The Beginning

We are Mark and Melody, an adventure seeking travel couple from the United States.

Our love for each other and travel started as a series of road trips throughout the United States and Canada, but we quickly found ourselves hungry for a more foreign and cultural experience. We are actively planning our next group of trips.

This page serves as a pseudo-journal to track our progress and advice column for like-minded people who are interested in traveling around the world, but are not interested in spending a years salary doing so. We strive to provide some insight to our successes and failures while traveling across the world, while hopefully providing a laugh or two along the way.

Our current progress can be found above with completed countries in a drop down box, or you can click “Current Progress” to find links to each completed country page detailing when we visited, what we experienced in each country, as well as a gallery of photos we were able to capture (if applicable).

The world is a huge place, with billions of people and 196 countries – each with their own story, and their own culture. Join us as we tap into it’s undiscovered beauty.

If you’re where we are, let’s meet – we want to hear your story.

We love to meet and talk to other travelers.

Find us on Instagram @everycountrycouple.

Thank you for stopping by!