We have been to France twice, once to do the tourist trail in Paris and the other to live the chill rural life in the middle of the Pyrenees mountains. In total, we’ve spent five weeks in France and learned an incredible amount about history, farm life, and ourselves.

Paris: Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Louvre Museum, Mona Lisa, Madonna on the Rocks, Notre Dame, Arc di Triomphe, Montmartre, Sacre Couer,

Midi-Pyrenees: A stunning area of mountains, valleys, lakes and waterfalls. A birder’s paradise and a quieter, friendlier, quintessentially French area, where people greet you Bonjour and Bon Soir. And you’re transplanted back in time to a simpler and happier life.


Chateau de Foix – castle on the side of a hill dating from the Middle Ages

Lac de Bethmale – gorgeous, unadulterated lake near the town of, you guessed it, Bethmale

Pile Romaine – pillar of unknown Roman origins or purpose in the middle of a field of the small village of Luzenac

Grotte du Mas D’Azil – stunningly huge lateral hole in the earth dating from the prehistoric era, complete with cave drawings and historical detail should you choose the tour

Chateau de Mirabat – ruins from a pre-Middle Ages fort that can be reached via a deliciously strenuous and muddy incline. It also rains a lot sporadically and random logs will fall down the mountainside if a certain person of the Mark-like persuasion decides to kick them. 😉

August 7 – 11: Paris, France – Louvre, Eiffel Tower (day and night), Champ de Mars, Luxemborg Park, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, Had to walk home at 1:30 AM 10km because metro closed earlier than we thought.

September 25 – 26: Toulouse, France – met our first friendly French person.

September 26 – Present: Seix, France – Met Peta and Keith, our new HelpX Hosts, assessed project and learned it would be much more difficult than originally anticipated, removed existing retaining wall for garden bed, sorted stones, dug foundation for new retaining wall for garden bed, sorted stones, poured foundations, sorted stones, laid part of wall, sorted stones, chipped stones, smashed stones, stones, sorted stones, laid more wall, weeded a garden bed while Peta and Keith sorted stones, laid remainder of retaining wall (phew!), dug foundations for new steps to be laid next to retaining wall, poured concrete and laid steps, had concrete that was laid around pavers ruined by HUGE hailstorm, climbed Mount Mirabat, experienced first rate doctors help with medication for less than $30 (Melody) after hike up Mirabat, sterilized a lot of pots (Melody), went to downtown Seix, visited Foix (didn’t make it to the castle sadly), observed pigeons instead of visiting castle, tended many garden beds (Melody), washed A LOT of dishes, first indoor clothes dryer of trip, celebrated birthday with wonderfully made cake made by Peta, had delicious meals prepared each lunch and dinner,


2 thoughts on “France

  1. Wendy Smith October 21, 2015 / 2:20 PM

    great collage of photos – beautiful country!

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