We enjoyed a four-day weekend in the Canadian Rockies touring Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Wells Grey Provincial Park. It’s said the park has over 200 waterfalls within its boundaries, and though we only got a sampler, the scenery is enough of a stunner that it keeps us talking planning a return trip.  If you wanted to take your time through the park, I imagine it would take about 10 days to do all of the activities. In the summer, you can kayak, swim and play in the rivers. It was a bit too chilly for us to do that this go around.

Waterfalls visited:

Shannon Falls – just northwest of Vancouver, parking on the road, easy hike to the base of the falls. Very picturesque

Inside Wells Grey Provincial Park:
Fage Creek Falls – visible from the road, easy to miss, apparently not on any maps
Moul Falls – about a 2 hour hike from the car park to the very bottom of the falls. Bring a waterproof jacket, as the force from the falls is enough to thoroughly soak you and any of your gear, including your camera.
Helmcken Falls – possibly the most famous waterfall in Wells Grey. It’s very accessible and easy to get to from the road. Much quieter than you’d imagine for its size. I suspect that’s because of the cave the water has carved out. Also, this completely freezes in winter.
Unnamed Falls – trickles of water down the sides of the rock faces near Helmcken. I’m not sure if they’re named.

Activities: Whale-watching with Ocean EcoVentures, in a boat with 8 people. It was very intimate and because of the size of our boat we got the closest to the whales out of anyone else on a tour that day. Phenom.


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