United States of America

The United States of America is where we call home. Presently, we are in the Greater Miami area, North Miami Beach to be specific.

The U.S. is where our travel all began, where our story began. We bonded over road trips around the United States.

State Welcome Signs:

Both being goal oriented people, we started with my goal to visit every continental state, and take a picture next to their “Welcome To” sign before my (Marks) 25th birthday. A video of the 4 roadtrips we took to capture these photos can be found below.

Melody and I completed this goal in September of 2013, mere weeks before our goal date.

Florida State Parks: (27/161)

This is a goal that is currently ongoing. Florida is such a diverse state, considering that you are never more than 70 miles from a beach.

Stretching from Key West all the way to Pensacola, there are 161 state parks and 10 state trails in the U.S. state of Florida which encompass more than 800,000 acres (320,000 ha), providing recreational opportunities for both residents and tourists. We want to visit them all!

Current progress can be found on the map below:

National Parks: (4/58)

There are 58 national parks in the National Park Service (click link for a full list). Millions of people from around the globe travel to see these beauties in person, and they certainly do not disappoint.