August 6 – 7: Brussels

Earlier this year, we had a 1 day stopover in Brussels, Belgium in between Dublin and Paris. Given the limited time, we did not have much opportunity to really explore…but we did come across a few things of interest:

Delirium Cafe: This place is massive…and by cafe, they really mean an entire street full of bars. Each bar is specialized to your vice of choice – beers, wine, whiskey, gin, vodka…they have it all, and a huge selection of each to boot.

La Grand Place: The buildings in this open market space are all old. With that age comes a bit of disrepair – which was being worked on while we were there. A full renovation of the facades was underway, and I am interested to see the final product when it is completed.

Public Water Fountains: We noticed some interesting fountains throughout Brussels while we were walking about. The local water company has sponsored the placement of these clean drinking water fountains – clever advertising, considering the heat.

Overall, the city was hot – unbelievably hot. It happens that we went during record high temperatures throughout Europe, and with culture dictating that there is no air-conditioning…we suffered.

Instead of sleeping, we found ourselves having drinks in the street. Had we not gone for drinks, we likely would have died from a heat stroke in our sleep.

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