Completed July 14, 2017: Visited July 14 – July 16

We love to play a travel version of “Never Have I Ever.” This trip crossed off the task of “Never Have I Ever…booked an international flight 3 hours before departure.” We decided in a conversation on our way home from work to book the tickets on BahamasAir because they had tickets for $79 each way (A killer deal until you add the extra $100 r/t in international fees).

90 minutes after we left work on a Friday, we were at the terminal waiting for our flight.

Surprisingly, BahamasAir has a fleet of familiar yet remarkably vintage 737 planes. Three seats on each side, with angular overhead containers and no trace of tech creature comforts. It wasn’t needed though – it’s a 45 minute flight over turquoise water. We board at 6pm.

The landings always give me a trace of anxiety because we’ve flown through some crosswinds that makes even the boldest person send up a Hail Mary. But when I say this was the smoothest landing I have ever encountered, I mean it. The pilot landed this plane with such finesse that there was no sound, no jolt, no bumping along the tarmac to indicate we landed. I read on TripAdvisor that these BahamasAir pilots are smooth like honey but didn’t believe it until I experienced for myself. If landings make you nervous – fly BahamasAir.

If you hate immigration and you’re going to the Bahamas – fly into Nassau around 7-8pm. There is no one to be found. Except 6 or 8 security agents looking like they are being bored. to. death. The customs form is given to you either on the plane or as you board (from the US), but they are available to fill out once you land at Nassau.

Travel Tip: The Bahamas is on parity with the US, meaning your USD are accepted at a one to one exchange. 

We left the terminal and walked out into a balmy 85F weather looking for a taxi. We stayed at Grand Hyatt Bahamar, given our limited time, and wanted to be right on the beach with amenities at our fingertips. We did not see Uber / Lyft available at the airport, but the taxi drive was $35 US for the 15 minute ride.

The Grand Hyatt Bahamar is impossible to miss – our driver called it “the tallest mountain on the island” because from far away, it looks like an impossible natural wonder. We stepped inside and were greeted with dozens of sparkling chandeliers, courteous waitstaff, and the high pitched squeals of slot machines and winners at black jack tables.

There are plenty of dining options at Bahamar and the hotel is so enormous that the thought of leaving it is exhausting. I made it a goal to stick my toe in every pool at the resort and jump off of the grotto at the hotel’s most popular pool. It sits right on the beach and despite the afternoon rainstorms that are a part of paradise living, we made sure we could relax in as many places as possible.

The Bahamas marks country #29.


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